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Looking for a Michigan Magician - The Magic Fun Man! Looking for a great close up pad? We've got em!

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The Rules of Magic PDF Print E-mail
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Advice - Magic For Kids
Three simple rules that will help you be GREAT magician!

1. Without practice—No Hocus Pocus, Flim-Flam, Wamma-Wamma...No Magic
2. Start out with tricks you find easy to do
3. Never, ever repeat a trick for the same audience!
4. Don’t tell the audience what is going to happen...it ruins the suprise
5. Don’t poke fun at the audience if they don’t know how the trick is done.
6. Never, ever give the secret away (unless, of course your parents are helping you)
7. See Number 1 and repeat

Magician Dave Foydel explains the Rules of Magic!


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