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Bobo Coin Magic - Learn Free Coin Magic Tricks

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The Open Bobo Project was started by Malcolm Kavalsky in 2005. The idea to establish a community where magicians shared their interpretations, demonstrations, and variations of the tricks found in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic was ahead of its time.

Kapoof.com has relaunched the project and is is proud to host the Open Bobo Project again!
Please click on the categories below to view the demonstration of the effect from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

To Submit A Video
If you have a video to submit for the Open Bobo Project, please submit your magic trick video here.

Need a copy of Bobo's Modern Coin Magic?
If you don't have a copy of Bobo's Coin Magic, you can purchase your copy from Amazon.com or download it digitally from lybrary.com

Open Bobo Contributors
This project wouldn't be successful without the community of contributors. Please visit our list of contributors and support their further contributions!

P.S. Please contact us if you have submitted a video and need to be included in the contributor index. In some cases, websites or email addresses were not available.

The Open Bobo Community Project

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